I Want A Broken Heart

heartAs I sat in front of my group of eleven beautiful junior high girls, I couldn’t help but smile with joy and pain at the eleven sets of eyes looking at me. There were some tears, some smiles, and some with no emotion to be seen. I began by saying, “so what’s on everyone’s mind?” Hesitation flooded the room. So Kaylee and I opened the floor.


We began to dig into this idea of desiring a broken heart. What a strange phrase, “I want a broken heart.” No one wants a broken heart. When God looks down on this world, I know for a fact that He has a broken heart for this world. He sees the pains and hurts of everyone and His heart is broken for them. As His heart breaks, we too should have this same desire for a broken heart. One of my girls asked me “Rachel, what breaks your heart?” So I responded by saying, “you.” They all fell silent trying to decide if this was a good or bad thing. My heart is broken for the youth. That is why you see me running around with a bunch of 13 year old girls and boys. What their age group goes through these days is not what it used to be. I believe so much in this generation and what they are capable of doing that my heart literally breaks and brings me to my knees in prayer for them. I venture out to strip clubs because my heart is broken for the girls who are looking for acceptance in ways that will never fulfill them.

I am not a huge fan of Christian pop music; never have been. However, occasionally there is a song that appears on my radar that I love. One being a song called Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath. Heath nails the idea of needing a broken heart.

Give me Your eyes for just one second
Give me Your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me Your love for humanity
Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me Your eyes so I can seeBrandon Heath

We need God to break our hearts in order for Him to reach the lost, the poor, the forgotten, and the hated. If we do not have broken hearts then we cannot be a generation after God’s heart. After I shared my broken heart to these precious girls, they were able to dig deep into their hearts and figure out what breaks their heart. We all are broken people, but if our hearts are broken for those around us, the change we can make will be undeniably and incredibly beautiful. Let God fix broken people with our broken hearts.

If through a broken heart God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart.

Oswald Chambers


Love. Be loved. Know love.


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