Achmed, a teenager, not a terrorist.

As I write this, I have a song on repeat that is getting me through this blog, a song called Brother, by The BrillianceI invite you to listen to this song that has moved me in more ways than one. Even as a blogger and one who loves to write, I find myself bone dry of words. Sometimes, words are just not enough and tears are the only thing filling my pages; tears that eventually flood and wet the bone dry words that eventually come to life. Tears are nothing to be ashamed of, they speak more than words sometimes, and tears for me are what happened after visiting the city of Hebron on my trip to Israel/Palestine.

When I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brothers.The Brilliance

Dear Teenager,


Dear Teenager,

To the heartbreaker, the athletic one, and the loser; to the indecisive, the lovebirds, and the band geek; to the ones who are suicidal, with divorced parents, and the daddyless; to the frightened, the rule breakers, and the punk rockers; to the ones who are sick, the overachievers, and the kind girl next door; to the ones with a perfect family, the foster kid, and the rich one; to the drug addict, alcohol abuser, and the sex addict; to the generation that I absolutely adore and love to the very core of my being, I write to you.