Identity Crisis

Every time I walk in to this significant place that stretches my imagination, there is an overwhelming sense of possibilities that can and will be entertained by me. I look ahead to the wall that contains the words that have been ingrained in my mind this past week. “Fuel Your Story,” it reads. “Fuel my story,” I tell myself each time I sit down at the table that sits in the far corner of the shop facing this inspirational, yet simple wall. The table that I pray no one is sitting at each time I walk in. The table I have spent hours dreaming, writing, reading, and researching at. The table that is angled so I can see people walking in as well as look out into the shop as people meet friends, colleagues, and family for coffee and baristas laughing with each other enjoying the work they are so incredibly good at. You can call me creepy, I’m okay with that. Black Rock Coffee Bar has become my home away from home the past 10 days. Yes, I have gotten laughs and seen eyes roll when I talk about my time at this coffee shop. Why is this place so significant to me? And why will 2018 consist of me spending so much more time in here? Well, it fuels my story.