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cupcakesI am sure I got your undivided attention with the title of this post. Your mind is most likely trying to figure out what I could possibly be writing on strip clubs and my words to you are that you probably won’t guess unless you already know what it is I have to do with strip clubs. It all started three years ago when I sat in at a student leadership meeting. I had quite the talkative stranger sit next to me at a table as we were about to dig in to the meeting. She began to tell me all about this strip club ministry and insisted I be a part of it. It turns out God not only called me into student ministries that night, but He was calling me into another ministry as well; a ministry that would challenge me, change me, and open my eyes to a whole new view.

I met with a group of ladies a week later who I eventually would all call my very dear friends. I learned about this insane idea of venturing into strip clubs to bring baked goods to all the dancers in the clubs. Yes, my mind was thinking the same thing you are right now, why? What’s the point? What are we trying to achieve? Church ladies in strip clubs? Good luck with that. However, as much as I thought this, there was an unmistakable pull in my heart to reach out to these girls. My 21st birthday happen to be the day that we all decided to head to the clubs, how appropriate! I did what a lot of 21 year olds would do on their 21st birthday, go to strip clubs! However, I had a slightly different reason for going.

So just a month later here I was standing in the dressing room of a strip club holding a plate of cupcakes thinking to myself how on earth did I get to this point in my life? My experience from that night was one of the most beautiful encounters I have ever experienced. My heart was overwhelmed with this undeniable love for these gorgeous and incredible women. So many stories, pains, happiness, addictions etc. were shared. It’s amazing what a few cupcakes and some light, fun girl talk can do.


Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and see what happens.Wayne W. Dyer


Why do this? What’s the point? What are you trying to accomplish? These are the questions I get asked and honestly they are great questions. The gift of cupcakes as most of us may know is simply delightful. When you know that someone has spent the time concocting deliciously made cupcakes just for you, it is truly a lovely feeling. So why not bake cupcakes for some women who wouldn’t normally receive cupcakes at their work place? The “church ladies” thing I chuckle at. Yes, we go to a church but we are not there to ridicule or use a bullhorn to these girl’s faces. We are doing this because we want to talk to them and hear their hearts and let them know that they are thought about, that we are here if they need anything and most of all that they are loved with a love that wants a tight hold on their hearts and to never let go. Every woman needs to feel loved, valued, treasured, and important. So why not show that to these ladies who don’t receive that in their work environment?

The past three years have been an incredible ride. I have had my moments of tears, joys, pain, and pure laughter with Cakes of Love. We are now expected once a month at four different clubs that we bring cupcakes to. Managers and doormen invite us in without a question. When I walk into their dressing room, their faces light up the room with smiles and laughter that are so contagious. They know we are here to bring them delicious treats and to share this thing we call love that is capable of lighting up any kind of darkness that these girls feel, a love that can only be alive because of a God who wants us all to know and feel His never ending, gracious love.


Love. Be loved. Know love.

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