Seeking Clarity

There is something we miss in the moments of our deepest struggles. I fear that we do not trust God in these moments and we arejames123 not trusting that he is making all things work for our good, but in fact He is. About a month ago, my husband Ryan and I got in a pretty bad car accident. As most may know, accidents are not fun. I was physically and mentally shaken from it. Once you realize everyone is okay and no one is hurt; the reality of dealing with the mess after starts to sink in. Ryan and I were in the process of making an offer on a house too and we were struggling to see the clarity through it all. It has always been a struggle of mine to know whether or not to accept something as a sign. I think this is where specific prayer comes in.

Our truck was totaled so we started the process of getting a settlement since we were not at fault for the accident. We were worried about what we would get back and if buying a new car would hurt our finances since we were buying a house. We started to think we should back out of the house, mostly because we were overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. We were lacking trust in the One who had it all figured out. The next day we got the phone call about what we were getting back and it was literally a moment of “okay God, I know you got this.” We had $5,500 leftover to spend on a car after our loan on the truck got paid off. Just two days later we found a car that we had been wanting for quite sometime, a Nissan Xterra. The guy was asking $7,500 for it which was a little more than what we wanted to spend so we prayed through it and waited patiently. The next day we looked again on craigslist and found the same Xterra again, the price was now $5,500. We didn’t hesitate in making a move on it. The day after we became proud owners of a Nissan Xterra. In light of this accident, God provided us with an exact amount of money that would make us completely and utterly loan and debt free. Which then made it even more doable to afford a house and mortgage payment.  More incredible things came up in the process of buying this home, things that only God could have been controlling.


Suffering is traumatic and awful and we get angry and we shake our fists at the heavens and we vent and rage and weep. But in the process we discover a new tomorrow, one we never would have imagined otherwise.Rob Bell


As I stand back in awe of all that he is doing I can’t help but think that even though an awful car accident had to happen, He is always working in the troubled and overwhelming times in our life. There will be times that clarity becomes uncertain and signs become unclear on what they mean. The most important thing we have to remember is that He is always in control and He is always at work in making the little things piece together for our good. Clarity will come, even if it is years from now. I read something the other day that got me thinking. We hear that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. I think that He does indeed give you things in your life that you can’t handle, but He without a doubt can handle it and in the end He is the only one that will help you get through it. For without Him, it is impossible, but with Him, He is capable of the incredible, the impossible and the amazing. Be patient, be in prayer, and always remember He is moving even in the darkest of times.

Love. Be loved. Know love.

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  1. melinda   •  

    This is often hard to remember. It’s difficult to be trusting and faithful when it seems everything is against us. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Rachel Dotzler   •     Author

      We are always in need of reminding! Thanks Melinda 🙂

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