Are You Alive?

I read something awhile ago by John Eldredge that was so profoundly spot on that it got me thinking on how we are in need of people who have come alive. There are too many “dead” and unhappy human beings in the world that need an escape and find whatever it is that makes them come alive. Are we living a life that makes us come alive?399810_10150584914958690_1553086082_n
I have three, rather charming and goofy, older brothers and one incredible and beautiful older sister. They all have fully grasped the idea of coming alive over the years, but one brother in particular is one of the most alive and inspiring human beings I have had the honor of knowing and growing up with. Noah, whose name I must say is fashionably appropriate, is a free spirit. He is 29 years old and married to my lovely sister-in-law who is indeed his better half, but if Noah was a girl, it would be her. School has never been Noah’s expertise nor did he enjoy it that much, but he gave it a try for a semester and soon realized that school was not his cup of tea. I noticed a change in Noah after his school encounter. Noah’s journey began, from moving to Europe and living off close to nothing, to hitchhiking to living in a teepee in Telluride to marrying the girl of his dreams to sailing and living on a sailboat and basically engaging in some of the most bizarre things that would blow your mind. Let’s just say he is one intense guy and if you want a good story, I highly recommend contacting him just not on email or phone because technology definitely doesn’t come first in his life, like it does to some of us, however old-fashion mail will do the trick if you can get him and his wife to stay in a place for more than a month.


Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Instead, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who’ve come alive.”John Eldredge


The point is Noah is not a “dead” person. He is very much alive in this world because he chooses to do what he loves to do. Now I am not saying you must go sail the world or skin a deer’s head to become alive like Noah, but do we ever really think about what makes us come alive? I come alive when I write, now I may not be a good writer, but there is a part of me that feels so alive when I do, music has the same effect on me, which is why I attend to listen to music when I write. The problem is that we are being told what is needed and acceptable; go to school, get a high paying job, and be successful, this is all we hear. If this is what makes you come alive then great, this is what the world needs from you, but if it’s not, why are you doing it? We get too comfortable and forget what it’s like to take risks and be alive like mere children do. There is an unending amount of things that could make you come alive and if you do not know what that is yet, I deeply encourage you to look into your life, discover what it is and do whatever that may be. As the wonderful John Eldredge says, this world is in desperate need of people who have come alive, don’t ask what it needs, ask yourself what you need to come alive.

Love. Be loved. Know love.

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