“You can make anything by writing.”—C.S. Lewis

The about page on a blog is an interesting page to write on. I suppose I am to write something about myself which can be odd at times, but here we go.

I am a wife to an incredible human being, Ryan. I am a mom to a high spirited, brindled, one blue, one brown eyed dog as well as a cat that is always up to no good and doesn’t deserve a further description. I am a Youth Pastor at Central Christian Church in Arizona and I am crazy about all my 12-18 year old students that consume my life everyday. I am the youngest of five, a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a granddaughter, a reader, a writer, a goofball, a traveller, a lover, a movie connoisseur, but most importantly I am a girl passionately pursuing Jesus and will do anything and everything to make Him known to all that I encounter.

This life is a wild journey worth exploring and I would be silly to not let the world in on the adventures and insights I encounter. Enjoy the letters and words that make up this funny little site called Dotz Thoughts.

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